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Web Applications

Toyota After-sales and Lead Management

TOYOTA Aftersales and Lead Management Cloud System is a robust platform that leverages cutting-edge technologies like Microservices, .Net Core, React, DDD, RabbitMQ, and MediatR to enhance the end user experience and customer service. The system employs Microservices architecture for modular and scalable components, while .Net Core ensures optimal performance. React provides a modern and intuitive user interface. With Domain-Driven Design principles, the system aligns with real-world Toyota aftersales and lead management processes, improving efficiency and empowering users. RabbitMQ enables reliable communication between system components, while MediatR facilitates CQRS for better performance. This cloud-based solution improves customer satisfaction through streamlined aftersales processes and efficient lead management. It delivers exceptional service and personalized attention, revolutionizing the industry with superior user experiences. Experience the future of Toyota aftersales and lead management with this innovative cloud system.

Technology Stack

Frontend: Reactjs Javascript

Backend: .Net Core with EF Core, CQRS, Mediator

DB: MongoDB, 


· Development pipelines
· Production pipelines
Management ,Tests
· Jira