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Software Development for [Startups]

We believe that a great idea is the foundation of a solid enterprise. We value entrepreneurs that have a vision, and we want to help them turn it into a reality. That is why we support startups and small businesses in finding a market fit, developing their idea, and achieving success.
As one of the best startup incubators in Israel, we strongly believe that your success is our mission.

We design innovative products

We develop seamless software

We assure reduced costs

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We Help Startups [Evolve] In Different Stages

Whether you’re in the seed stage, the growth stage, or a fully-funded company in expansion stage, AtraX understands how to adapt to your business, industry, and software development challenges.

Seed Stage: Bootstrapped Startup

Have an idea? In the seed stage, our multi-disciplined team works with you to determine the feasibility of your ideas and translate them into a proof of concept. We offer product discovery, go-to-market strategies, MVP design and development, and fundraising support.

Growth Stage: Partially Funded Startup

Ready to start building? If you have validated and tested your MVP product release, we can help you transition into the next phase to deliver a complete working product.

Expansion Stage: Fully Funded Startup

Ready to level up? Startups are always evolving and our dedicated team of talented developers can join your project at any stage and join forces with your team to guarantee continued development and growth of your business.

[Our] Process

Gathering Information

To fully understand your idea, we conduct a thorough gathering of information related to the future software. Everything is important, from the technical documentation and requirements to personal preferences.

Discovery Phase

Your initial business idea will require our experts to develop a strategy and define clear objectives for the future product. We will determine its key functionalities and develop the best solutions for your needs.


With the help of our technology and tools, we proceed with backend and frontend development to build the product and bring your idea to life.

Quality Assurance

This is the phase that guarantees an excellent product of the highest quality. The process includes functional testing and performance testing. We take our time and detect defects as well as the speed, scalability, and stability of the system.


After fully developing the product, we will provide further support by keeping the software up-to-date, decreasing bugs, and updating it with new features.